Public Hearings

Please note plans are preliminary and subject to review and modifications. 

The Plan Commission (PC) meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Board Room.  The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m in the Village Hall Board Room.  When the November and/or December meetings conflict with the holidays, they are rescheduled. The Village Board of Trustees (VBOT) meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room.  

Below are petitions that are under consideration before the VBOT, PC, or ZBA.  Petitions are removed approximately 90 days after approval/denial from the VBOT.

Case/Petition NumberPC/ZBA Date VBOT Date LocationProject DescriptionApprovals Requested
ZBA 19-07December 4
201 W Madison StreetVariance for fence height and locationVariance
PC 19-24November 18Dec 5101-109 S. Main Street
The commercial (southern) building is moving on the site plan, therefore a new public hearing is required.  There are no changes proposed to the residential (northern) building.Major Change to a planned development with variances
PC 19-23October 21Nov 21, approved20 N Main StreetRezoning, no redevelopment proposedRezoning
PC 19-22October 21Nov 7, approvedInternational Village Apartments, 1300-1366 S. Finley RoadNew freestanding signs on Finley RoadMajor Change to a planned development
PC 19-21October 21Nov 7, approved960 N Lombard RdAddition of fuel tanksConditional Use
PC 19-19August 29Oct 3, approvedO, I, B1, B2, B3, B4, B4A, B5, and B5A zoning districts Amend the zoning ordinance related to recreational cannabis
Text Amendment
PC 19-07August 19Oct 3, approved600 W. Pleasant LaneAnnex the property to the Village of Lombard, rezone to R3 to allow for townhomesRezoning
NANAAugust 15 public hearing, Sept 19, approvedGenerally described as being bounded by Business District No. 1 on the west, Butterfield Road and Interstate 88 on the south, 22nd Street and Yorktown Center Drive on the north, and the eastern property line of the former Northern Baptist Theological Seminary to the east
Public Hearing for Business District 2 
Business District 2
ZBA 19-05July 24Oct 3, approved244 E. St. Charles RoadAllow for a 8' tall fence in the rear lot of a through lotVariance
PC 19-16July 15August 15, denied591 S. Main StreetAllow for the rental of Penske trucksConditional Use 
PC 19-17July 15August 15, approved1047-1109 E. St. Charles RoadAllow for a new freestanding signVariances
PC 19-14June 17August 15 approved on 2nd reading101-109 S. Main Street
1st building: 118 apartments with approx. 3,000 square feet of commercial
2nd building: approx. 11,000 square foot commercial building
Planned Development with associated zoning relief
PC 19-08 May 20June 20, approvedVillage wideAmend map requirements for the Great Western Trail and the Illinois Prairie PathText Amendment
PC 19-09May 20June 20, approved601-607 W. North AvenueNew car washConditional use and variances
PC 19-10May 20June 20, approved948 N. RidgeMotor vehicle repair businessConditional use
PC 19-11May 20June 20, approvedB4A DistrictAllows private schools in the B4A DistrictText Amendment
PC 19-12May 20June 20, approved241 E. Roosevelt RoadExpansion of ILM Montessori SchoolConditional Use
PC 19-13May 20June 20, approved609 E. St. Charles RoadAllow for the rental of U-HaulsConditional Use
ZBA 19-04 May 22June 20, approved609 S. Main StreetBuilding addition and carportVariance
PC 19-06 April 15May 2, approved 1464-1514 S. Main Street (Manor Hill School and Glenn Westlake Middle School) and Finley Road and 16th Street (Four Seasons Park)Approvals to construct a new building, Connect 44, and make associated site improvementsPlanned Development with variances 
PC 19-03 March 18April 4, approved 830 Foxworth Blvd, Residences at Lakeside/Clover Creek ApartmentsApprovals requested for a trash compactor with a height deviationMajor change to a planned development
PC 19-04 March 18April 4, approved B2, B4A, B5, B5A, and I Zoning Districts Amend the text to add a new term "craft alcohol production facility"Text Amendment 
PC 19-05 March 18April 4, approved 800 E Roosevelt RoadExpansion of Noon Whistle and their outside seating Expansion of a conditional use
ZBA 19-03 March 13April 4, approved103 N Chase AvenueVariance for a front porchVariance

Public Comment

All persons desiring to comment on the proposed requests will be given an opportunity to do so at the public hearing. Written statements are encouraged and will be distributed to the Plan Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals and the petitioner if received at the Village Hall, 255 E. Wilson Avenue, Lombard, IL, on or before ten days prior to the public hearing. Interested parties are also encouraged to attend the public hearing.

For more information, please visit or call the Department of Community Development