Scheduling an Inspection

Please remember to allow for a 24- to 48-hour lead time when scheduling any inspection. For further information regarding building permits, our processes and scheduling inspections please contact the Building Division at 630-620-5750.

Pre-Fire Inspection Checklist

Types of inspections
(A) PRE-POUR-Footing (prior to placement of concrete).

(B) PRE-POUR-Foundation (if reinforcing steel is required).

(C) BACKFILL-Damp-proofing and drain tile, including sump pit.

(D) ROUGH FRAMING-Framing (with no interior finished walls, ceilings, and insulation).

(E) ROUGH HVAC-HVAC (Ductwork and blower door test)

(F) ROUGH PLUMBING-Plumbing (water piping and drain, waste, and venting).

(G) ROUGH ELECTRIC-Electrical (rough conduit system).

(H) ELECTRIC SERVICE-Electrical (service, meter fitting and breaker panel). All exterior finished surfaces will be applied before continuing construction of interior.

(I) INSULATION-Insulation (walls and ceilings if batting is used; vapor barrier if blown-in insulation).

(J) PRE-POUR-Basement floors.

(K) WATER SERVICE TAP-Water connection (to Buffalo Box).

(L) SEWER CONNECTION-Sewer connection (no stub).

(M) PRE-POUR-Garage floors.

(N) PRE-POUR-Sidewalks (public and private).

(O) GRADING-Grading (prior to landscaping).

(P) PRE-POUR-Driveway (prior to placing concrete or asphalt).

(Q) FINAL INSPECTIONS (final building, electric, plumbing, fire, HVAC, etc.)